Sunday, 23 June 2013

the graceful day

the priest had a radiant face
that shined with grace
with a trembling hand he served
holy water to chosen ones that deserved

a smile that showed the heart was content
serving the lord his only intent
seeing a crowd he burst with joy
behold thy devotees, oh lord, thought he, as his aged body permeated with joy

this is where i belong, this is my seat
serving your cause and praying at your lotus feet

with my stoic nature i absorbed all these
and moved on thinking, a soul was at peace

a few minutes later elsewhere
as my ease was becoming despair
another man of god
called to me, come behold my lord

i thought the man man wanted money
so i moved on disgusted
he had meant to serve 'prasadam' sweet as honey
that i missed with purpose, but to my family it was presented

as the temple gates closed by noon
i felt nauseated, my head began to swoon
soon we left the holy place
uneasy as i was i needed solace

i realised i got more than i asked
though not unique there are a few of my kind
that in the grace of god have basked
humbled i am and i wonder what is it for which i am destined?

ignorant i was all the time
difficult it is to know the sublime
the more i suffer, more i pray
when do i realise the supreme, i eagerly wait for that day.

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